Revised Required Homework Schedule (up to Test 2) for MATH 231, Fall 2008

The homework listed below will be collected in class at the beginning of lecture on the date listed. This is a subset of the longer list we had for Homework Quizzes. These will be weighted the same as the Homework Quizzes. All that is really changing is the format in which we are collecting the homework. It should be almost universally true that I will lecture about the material at least a day or two before it is due. If you identify that a particular problem seems to not be connected to any of the lectures before the due date then you should ask me about it. It could be that you missed the point of some part of lecture, or perhaps I overlooked all that was needed for a particular problem. Please contact me as soon as you have such a concern so I can help.

Remember late homework is not typically accepted because I post solutions, however you are free to increase the weight of your final rather than keep the zero for that assignment. It is your responsibility to remind me of such adjustments, especially at the end of the semester.