Physics Topics:

Over the years I have investigated a variety of physics topics. If happen to be interested feel free to strike up a conversation some time. I have notes on a few of these. Some of these are well-known standard physics topics, others are more speculative. Many of these I would like to know more about so if you happened to be interested in a project it would be mutually beneficial.

  • My talk on representation theory in quantum mechanics: the story of isospin Many mathematical and physical details are avoided, the goal is to eulicidate the main algebraic motivation for using representation theory in physics. Along the way we learn what quarks are (naively) and what they explain (the eightfold way to begin). Mostly, we follow Greiner's symmetries in QM.

  • My fractured notes on: magnetic monopoles Notes on relativistic electromagnetism and the Dirac monopole and the associated mathematics of principal fiber bundles, particularly Hopf bundles. Mostly finished,but contain some minor errors. Should add more on Yang-Mills theory later...( pgs 1-24 from fall 2005). Warning, these need work, this might be an interesting project, you need not worry about my focus in the linked pdf, I could look at the general topic and find something else to work through that suited your interests.

  • Special Relativity
  • General Relativity
  • Differential Forms formalism for physics
  • Maxwell's Equations
  • Classical Field Theory and Lagrangians
  • Berry's Phase
  • Inflationary Cosmology
  • Superstring Theory
  • Hamiltonians and symmetries of Differential Equations
  • BRST Cohomology
  • Deformation Quantization formulation of quantum mechanics
  • Feynman Diagrams

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