Math 101: Intermediate Algebra

This is the prequisite course to Precalculus Algebra. I taught two sections of this course in Fall 2020 as can be seen below:

  • Intermediate Algebra Section 4 (MH 101, Monday-Wednesday 1:25 to 2:40 in BG 126F): Playlist on You Tube:
  • Intermediate Algebra Section 7 (MH 101, Tuesday-Thursday 2:00 to 3:15 in BG 211): Playlist on You Tube:

  • The Syllabus and Course Planner ( had to modify considerably mid-semester due to COVID rescheduling) I made a couple supplements for certain topics, I made a couple supplements for certain topics, Assignments from Fall 2020

    Homework was given through MyMathLab and the textbook was an ebook contained within that system. Honestly, I much prefer a textbook for my students. This was not ideal.



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    Last Modified: 12-16-2020