Physics 232: Calculus-Based Physics II
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Useful Links and Info:
  1. COURSE PLANNER.: lists recommended homework as well as Quiz, Test dates.
  2. Abbreviated Syllabus: Test 1 = 150pts, Test 2 = 150pts, Test 3 = 150pts, Quizzes = 150pts, Lab Reports and Participation = 100pts, Final Exam = 300pts.
  3. Wolfram Alpha, a good way to do numerical integrations. To use this site simply write in plain english what you want it to do. For example, try "integrate cos(e^x) from 0 to 3" and see what happens.
  4. Lab Schedule: see Course Content, we have lab most weeks except when we have tests.

Lecture Plan and Notes:
These are my notes on E&M. They are by no means comprehensive, however I do hope you find them useful this semester. I would remind you that if the text and these notes are insufficient then you can consult the internet for many additional resources. There are many good online physics texts, virtual labs etc... ask if interested.
  1. Charge and Coulomb's force. (pages 1-14)
  2. Electric Fields. (pages 15-28)
  3. Streamlines and E-fields via Mathematica. a study of the geometry of field patterns.
  4. Gauss' Law. (pages 29-35)
  5. Potential. (pages 36-53)
  6. Capacitance (pages 54-66)
  7. Resistance and DC-circuit analysis. (pages 67-77)
  8. RC circuit analysis. (pages 78-81)
  9. Magnetic Fields. (pages 82-91)
  10. Ampere's Law. (pages 92-96)
  11. Faraday's Law. (pages 97-105)
  12. Inductance, LC circuits. (pages 106-113)
  13. Light. (pages 114-118)
  14. Optics. (pages 119-122)
  15. Nuclear physics. (pages 123-128)
Test Solutions:
The test solutions from a previous year are posted below. I would expect the tests this year will reflect the assignments I give you this year.
  1. Solution for Test 1 of 2010.
  2. Solution for Test 2 of 2010.
  3. Solution for Test 3 of 2010.
(I do not plan to write reviews this semester, please take good notes in lecture so you are ready for the tests.)

Bonus Point Policy:
Bonus points can be earned for correcting errors of a typographical nature. Also particularly insightful questions in lecture may earn bonus points.

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