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Our course should mirror the calculations and concepts which are encountered in the assignments and tests given below. I expect you follow Lectures and the Web Assign homework from this semester. I post these as an extra study aid:

In-Class-Exercises and solutions: Tests and solutions: Some Examples from Math 131:
Much can be gleaned from the solutions linked below. Unfortunately, the numbering in these refers to James Stewart's Calculus and Concepts ed. 2. I have a copy in my office if you would like to look. Generally it is not an issue because I usually make a habit of writing enough in the solution so that the whole problem statement is clear. There are three major distinctions between Math 131 and 126. First, Math 131 is a 4-hr course which includes greater sophistication on the major topics of 126. Second, there is a trigonmetry prerequisite for 131, or, at least you are expected to learn trigonometry in parallel with the calculus of 131. Third, Math 126 is a terminal math course whereas 131 leads to 132 so, my math is serious business policy applies. In contrast, in Math 126 my math is fun tell your friends policy applies.
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