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Course Info:

  • Abbreviated Syllabus passed out on day one.

  • Letter Grades will follow:
    98+ --->A+
    <59 --->F

    Credit Only will be graded "U" if your grade is lower than 60, and "S" otherwise.

  • Contact Hours: (overrides syllabus)
  • M-W-F : at 10-12 (Hannah permitting) in or near Ha 209
    F : 8-9am in the Math Learning Center in Ha 244

  • Test I and solution
  • Final Exam Overview and Guide
  • Final Exam
  • Final Exam Solution
  • Bonus Question Solution (see 3.3.1)
  • these are my notes on magnetic monopoles. They cover the story upto about 1980 or so. The whole story has yet to be told, magnetic monopoles play an interesting role in the continuing refinement of theoretical physics (you'll have to go beyond these simple notes to see that).

    Course Notes:

  • course notes

  • Please understand that we will cover the portions I cover in lecture, obviously something has to go. I plan on skipping chapters 2 and 4 for now, we may need to come back to them later on. I have posted the complete course notes as of 9-18-06, I will make corrections but probably not additions as the semester progresses. I'll keep a runnning log of any changes right on this page.
    Course notes with corrections discussed 12-5-06 added 12-5-06. Added appendix and hopefully fixed all the errors we found in lecture. Please email me if you find an error. Also note I have modified the definition of "type (r,s)" and made the notes consistent with that defintion, we did something different in class. Don't worry it will not be an issue on the final.
    Homework Problems:


    Homework Problems:

  • Problems 1-7 on vectors and Einstein notation
  • Problems 8-11 to play with Maxwell's equations
  • Problems 12-17 on Newtonian mechanics and Euclidean geometry
  • Problems 18-27 on Special Relativity and Minkowski space
  • Problems 28-31 on multilinear maps on a vector space or its dual
  • Problems 32-36 on tensors, raising indices and tensor transformation law as it applies to the field tensor. We come back to the question of how the fields actually appear in the moving frame.
  • Problems 37-41 fun with the Hodge dual
  • Problems 42-48 fun with the field tensor(Take Home Exam)
  • Problems 49-54 Generalized Stokes Theorem

  • Homework Solutions:

    I have chosen a representative solution and posted it for the benefit of everyone. If you wish for me to not post your solution in the future just ask. I always remove the names to keep you modest.
  • Solution to problems 1-4,7
  • Solution to problems 5,6
  • Solution to problems 8-11
  • Solution to problems 12-17
  • please fogive my messy solution from when I took ma 430 for problems 16 an 17, as I mentioned I will not test that sort of problem directly since we have not done enough to justify it.
  • Solution to problems 18-19,22-27
  • Solution to problems 28-31
  • Solution to problems 32-36
  • Solution to problems 37-41
  • Solution to problems 42-48
  • Solution to problems 49-54
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