Math 408: Topics in Analysis

This was an online class for the University of West Alabama in the Fall 2020 Semester. The subject matter is intermediate real analysis and brief survey of some fundamental methods in multivariate analysis. We used Introduction to Mathematical Analysis 1 by Beatriz Lafferriere, Gerardo Lafferriere and Mau Nam Nguyen. Their open-source text was quite nice for this course and it is freely available online. For example:

  • for textbook click here.

  • These were the lectures for the course, many of these are directly from the text with a little added commentary. Later in the course I used Advanced Calculus of Several Variables (Dover Books on Mathematics) Revised Edition by C. H. Edwards Jr.

  • Topics in Analysis (MH 4086220FA, online) Playlist on You Tube:

  • The Syllabus and Course Planner, Lecture Notes for Topics in Analysis:
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