Math 408: Calculus of Higher Dimension

This is essentially the third semester calculus course commonly taught as a 4 hour course in most US universities. It covers, vectors, 3D coordinate geometry, Calculus of Paths, Partial Derivatives, Multivariate Integration, Line and Surface Integrals, Green's, Stokes' and the Divergence Theorem. A more complete list of topics is evident from browsing the Course Planner or the list of lectures below. Note, the videos given in the playlist below are somewhat minimalistic. I really think if you are self-studying you might do better to use one of my previous years of Calculus III from my Math 231 course at Liberty University. That course had 5 days of lecture a week and so much more time to unwrap the idea. See for example:

  • Playlist on You Tube for Math 231 from when I taugh it in 2016:

  • and you can find much more at my Math 231 course website.

  • Multivariate Calculus Homepage (from my old Math 231 course)

  • To be honest, when teaching online, it is really hard to add quality. In contrast, the real time interaction with students in Math 231 just leads to better quality overall in my estimation. Online is just not as good, it is just a reality we should admit.

  • Calculus Higher Dimension (MH 4086120FA, online) Playlist on You Tube:

  • The Syllabus and Course Planner Lecture Notes:
    I wrote a text of sorts for this course based on my previous course notes from Math 231. I had intended to add a chapter on differential forms, but sadly I did not find time this semester.

  • Lecture Notes for Calculus of Higher Dimension

  • If I am using printed notes they are fairly close to the notes above, but usually the page numbers differ slightly since the 2020 notes are an edit over those which I had printed on hand to make videos. I usually make a comment at the beginning of each lecture where I use such notes.


    Note: these were recycled from Math 231 in the Fall 2017 Semester.


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