MATH 121 sections 4 and 6: College Algebra
MATH 121 sections 4 and 6 Homepage

Welcome, please note that the offical syllabus is linked here for section 4 and here for section 6. Please note this webpage is where test solutions and reviews are to be posted. For your convenience, I have provided a few links to points further down this page.

I. Course Contact Information for:

II. Useful Materials and Links:
  1. Math Graphs Website - Printable Graphs from certain exercises in your text.
  2. Matrix Calculator Site - Calculates matrix inverse for you.
  3. Matrix Calculator Site - Multiplies matrices for you ( use to check answers )
  4. NCSU Matrix Calculator Site - Will do the "Gauss-Jordon" row reduction for you ("reduce completely" button).

III. Test Reviews and Solutions:
  • Review for Test 1: gives rough format and calculations that were most important.
  • Solution for Test 1: solution.
  • Review for Test 2: gives rough format and calculations that were most important.
  • Solution for Test 2: solution.
  • Review for Test 3: overview of the most important concepts.
  • Solution for Test 3: solution.

  • IV. Lecture Notes:
    1. [Pages 1-4] Number systems and the number line. (P.1, 8.3)
    2. [Pages 5-8] Laws of exponents and radicals.(P.2)
    3. [Pages 9-11] Polynomials and polynomial multiplication.(P.3)
    4. [Pages 12-14] Factoring polynomials.(P.4)
    5. [Pages 15-18] Algebra of rational expressions.(P.5)
    6. [Pages 19-21] Graphing equations, circles defined.(1.1, 1.2)
    7. [Pages 22-25] On solving quadratic equations.(1.4)
    8. [Pages 26-30] Applications of quadratic eqns, complex number arithmatic.(1.4,1.5)
    9. [Pages 31-34] Other algebra problems.(1.6)
    10. [Pages 35-38] Inequalities and critical points.(1.7,1.8)
    11. [Pages 39-40] Graphing lines, paralell and perpendicular.(2.1)

    12. (Test 1 Covers pages 1-40 of the lecture notes and the corresponding portions of the text.)

    13. [Pages 41-48] Functions, graphs and domains.(2.2,2.3)
    14. [Pages 49-50] Transformation of graphs, adding, subtracting, multiplying and composite functions, inverse functions.(2.4,2.5,2.6,2.7)
    15. [Pages 60-67] Graphs of quadratic functions and models.(3.1)
    16. [Pages 68-73] Graphs of polynomial functions.(3.2)
    17. [Pages 74-76] Theory of polynomials.(lots of places)
    18. [Pages 77-81] Guided factoring and long division.(not in text, 3.3, 3.4)
    19. [Pages 82-87] Rational functions and their asymptotes.(4.1, 4.2)

    20. (Test 2 Covers pages 41-87 of the lecture notes and the corresponding portions of the text.)

    21. [Pages 88-92] Compound and continuous interest, exponential functions.(5.1)
    22. [Pages 93-95] Logarithmic functions, graphs and domains.(5.2)
    23. [Pages 96-101] Properties of logarithms and exponentials and solving related equations.(5.3,5.4)
    24. [Pages 102-108] Solving linear and nonlinear systems through graphing and/or subsitution. (6.1,6.2,6.3)
    25. [Pages 109-110] Curve fitting.(6.3)
    26. [Pages 111] Systems of inequalities, linear programming.(6.4,6.5)
    27. [Pages 112-122] Matrix math, solving systems with multiplication by inverse coefficient matrix.(7.2,7.3)
    28. [Pages 123-127] Augmented coefficient matrix, Gauss-Jordon elimination by calculator.(7.1)
    29. [Pages 128-131] Determinants and Kramer's rule.(7.4,7.5))
    30. [Pages 132-134] Encryption by matrix multiplication.(7.5)

    31. (Test 3 Covers pages 88-134 of the lecture notes and the corresponding portions of the text.)

    V. Bonus Point Policy:
    Bonus points can be earned for correcting errors of a typographical nature. Also particularly insightful questions in lecture may earn bonus points. The points are weighted with the tests. For example, if you earned 5 bonus points then you could change a 95 test grade to a 100 effectively.

    VI. Collected Homework List:
  • Click here for homework list in pdf-format
  • Click here for homework list in webpage-format

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